About Hayden

Hayden Insurance Agency began in the early 1930s when Mr. Allen Hayden, a longtime barber in Calhoun, KY was convinced that he could enhance his depression era income by selling insurance, between cutting the hair of his barbershop customers.

The insurance operation was conducted in a 72 square foot storage room in the back of the barbershop on the corner of Ferry and Jail Street (now Main St & East 2nd St). A Certificate of Services displayed in Hayden’s office was presented to Mr. Hayden in 1936 and is signed by Robert Pein, the founder and first President of State Auto Mutual Insurance Companies. Hayden Insurance had done business for 47 years at the same Barbershop location at 190 Main Street in Calhoun, Kentucky, before relocating to First Security Bank building on Veterans Memorial Drive.

By utilizing the resources of Lawton … we can provide our clients with more options and added value for their insurance dollar.

Ross Richey, owner of Lawton Insurance in Central City, took ownership in April 2013 and is excited to talk about the future. “We’re always looking for opportunities to grow our business in a way our clients can be better served. By utilizing the resources of Lawton including the expertise of 25 associates and the addition of companies we represent, we can provide our clients with more options and added value for their insurance dollar.”

A Lawton Agency

Honesty and trust are the foundation on which each Lawton Agency is built.

We value each of our clients as friends and family, and we understand that it is only by truly listening that we can begin to build those relationships.

We work to discover each person’s individual needs, and we’ll never try to sell you something you don’t need. It’s that kind of trust and respect that has gained the Lawton Insurance family the customer loyalty that we have today, and we know that our future as a Lawton Agency depends solely on our ability to meet and exceed your expectations.

Progress is a wonderful thing, and we look forward to change, but the Lawton tradition of honesty, trust, and respect will always remain.